Trips out and about

There are plenty of tourist attractions for the whole family to explore around Maria Alm. Regardless of whether you are driving your own car, on a tour or using public transport: it is amazing how fast you can get in an ice cave, on mountain peaks or into salt mines.



maria alm’s pilgrimage church

The pilgrimage church in Maria Alm is one of the most beautiful Marian shrines in rural Pinzgau. With its simple but imposing appearance with a 76m high church tower, the architectural style can be described as typically late Gothic. Due to ongoing renovation work, the landmark of Maria Alm is always kept in good shape, so that this impressive building can be admired for many more years to come.


salzburg – the city of mozart and the summer festival

Harmoniously nestled between the city’s two mountains – Mönchsberg and Kapuzinerberg, (Monk’s mountain and Capuchin Monk’s Mountain), Mozart’s birthplace presents itself as a cosmopolitan city in miniature. The silhouette of the cathedral, Hohensalzburg fortress and numerous church towers are the perfect models for iconic pictures and make Salzburg a cultural hot spot. Hellbrunn Palace with its water gardens and zoo, the Haus de Natur – natural history museum and discovery centre, Mozart’s birthplace in Getreidegasse (Wheat Street) and the Stiegl Brewery are popular tourist attractions and can be easily reached in just over an hour’s drive from Maria Alm.


trick fountains at hellbrunn palace

The Hellbrunn Palace, with its picturesque gardens and trick fountains, is a true paradise on the outskirts of Salzburg. In the years 1612 to 1615, the then Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus had today’s TOP excursion destinations built in Salzburg (also part of the Sound of Music tour). Hellbrunn Palace has always served as a place of relaxation and entertainment – celebrations and events are still held in this spectacular location today. Salzburg’s trick fountains impress with their automatic water jets, fountains and grottos – after all, the former builder of the facility loved to surprise his guests, but not always in a good way! When you visit the fountains, you may be suddenly surprised by cold water out of nowhere – don’t forget to bring a change of clothes!



mittersil national park

The national parks are an exhilarating experience for young and old – the Hohe Tauern National Park with the highest peaks in Austria and its inhabitants such as ibex, chamois or the snow mouse seems close enough to touch. Nine stations are waiting to be explored at your own pace, fun yet educational, definitely worth a trip!


eisriesenwelt – giant ice caves at werfen

Let yourself be mesmerised by the largest ice cave in the world, right here in Werfen and marvel at the natural ice halls and structures in the heart of the mountain. With an average annual temperature of approx. 0 ° C, the Eisriesenwelt is a popular destination on both hot and rainy summer days, and is guaranteed to impress the whole family. The fascination of Winter in Summer combined with the wonders of the naturally formed ice creations – this massive ice cave is not to be missed!


salt mines at hallein

Open all year round, the Salt World Centre in Hallein welcome you to explore, as the name suggests, everything around the topic of salt. The “white gold” was mined by the Celts in Hallein around 2,500 years ago and since then has been mainly responsible for the wealth of the state of Salzburg, hence the name of the city and the Austrian state – Salzburgerland. In Hallein, you can go on a treasure hunt in the oldest visitor mine in the world and follow the tracks of the miners through narrow passages, rapid slides and even across a real underground salt lake! By the way, Hal is Celtic for salt.



The Königssee – The King’s Lake is located by the south-easternmost town of Germany and is often described as the most beautiful lake in the country. Since Maria Alm, with its Steinernen Meer – Stone Sea, is located in the heart of the Berchtesgaden Alps, a tour to the pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomä and the Königssee is a great option. The hike to Schönau is indeed demanding, but the fascinating sights of the church, the surrounding mountains and the crystal-clear lake make up for any effort. Every year in August the Almer pilgrimage to the Königssee takes place, in which several hundred people take part on the way from Maria Alm to the Königssee. A hot tip for fit hikers!


krimml waterfalls & water world

Breathtaking sights are easy to find around the Krimml waterfalls. Europe’s largest set of waterfalls, at roughly 380 meters high, are among the most popular excursion destinations in Austria. The specially constructed hiking trail lets you marvel at the forces of nature up close as you enjoy the wide variety of falls. The starting point of this one and a half hour hike is the WasserWelten – Water World discovery centre in Krimml – a unique adventure park with many entertaining yet educational stations where you can learn everything about this essential part of our world.



The market town of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria is a popular destination for Maria-Alm holidaymakers – not least because of its proximity to the spectacular Königssee Lake. Particularly interesting in Berchtesgaden are the Kehlsteinhaus on Obersalzberg ridge and the Obersalzberg history museum, which houses historical impressions from the Second World War. The salt mine in Berchtesgaden is also definitely worth a visit! This region is full of great hikes and mountain tours, for example to the Watzmann or any of the other peaks in the Berchtesgaden Alps!


grossglockner high alpine road

In the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park is probably the most famous alpine road, which travels over the highest mountain in Austria, the Großglockner with over 47 km of countless curves and bends. The top is at 2,504 metres so the Grossglockner High Alpine Road offers you unique views of valleys, lakes, flowering meadows and snow-capped peaks. The well-known road over the Hochtor looks back on an impressive history: The mountain was crossed over two millennia before Christ and the construction of a drivable road began in 1930, which quickly gained popularity and is now one of the most popular excursion destinations in Austria.


kaprun high mountain reservoirs

The two high-mountain reservoirs Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden are located at around 2,000 metres above sea level. Imposingly embedded between the grass mountains and rocks of the Hohe Tauern, this tourist destination provides breathtaking panoramas in a grandiose atmosphere. The largest inclined elevator in Europe or transfer buses take you up to where the turquoise-blue reservoirs, which are actually used to generate electricity, lie below you. Fit alpinists can admire the beauty of the artificially created reservoirs and the surrounding valleys directly from the mountain – for example from the Hohe Tenn.


weissbach nature park

The Weißbach Nature Park is a landscape protection programme for breathtaking and untouched landscapes. Enjoy natural spectacles and adventure on one of the hiking routes and themed trails with an over 46 km long network to choose from. Numerous information points inform visitors about the topics of alpine farming, nature parks, timber industry and many other interesting facts about the nature of the region. The Weißbach Nature Park is the perfect place for all those looking for relaxation who are ready for new adventures – the sustainable use of the environment and nature conservation are combined here in a varied and interesting way.